How we charge

How we charge

At LETOURNEAU LLP, we strive to practice law in a predictable manner centred on problem-solving.

LETOURNEAU LLP assists you with your legal needs—including helping you solve your disputes or problems—with dignity, with an unprecedented level of cost predictability, and with an outcomes-oriented approach. Further, when you hire us, you hire a team, not just one lawyer.

Fee Options

At LETOURNEAU LLP, we will assist you in one of the following ways:

1. Fixed Fees Where Possible

We will assess your situation and will strive to quote you a fixed fee for a particular solution or for certain elements or work to be completed, where possible. We will stick to this quoted fee unless a significant change occurs. In the case of such a change, we will quote you an adjusted fixed fee, which again, we will stick to. We will sometimes provide quotes for various options that we think could solve your problem. Work outside of the scope of the quoted project or solution will be billed at the lawyer's hourly rates.  Please note, not all legal work can be quoted on a fixed fee basis; however, we will provide fixed fee quotes for certain work where possible and where it is practical for you and for our firm.

Please do not ask our receptionist or legal assistant for quotes on legal fees.  Fees will be discussed with one of our lawyers.

We strive to be fair and reasonable with all legal fees.

Please note, we require a retainer up front before engaging in any legal work for you.  Retainers must be replenished as work is completed.  Payment plans may be possible, but are at the discretion of the lawyers and the managing partner.  We will discuss the retainer arrangement before engaging in work with you.

2. Limited Retainer

We can provide specific, unbundled legal services for those who cannot afford to have us represent them on an entire matter, or ongoing. We can work with you in a number of creative ways so that you can keep your legal fees reasonable and predictable, while obtaining key legal advice and assistance for the crucial aspects of your legal problem.  We can provide legal services on a limited retainer for the following, for example:

a. Drafting court documents (such as applications, claims, responses, affidavits, legal briefs, appeal briefs) so that you are well prepared for your court date (the lawyer may not attend at court).
b. Providing legal advice or legal opinions regarding your legal matter at specific stages of your matter. 
c. Attending a specific court date or procedure or Judicial Dispute Resolution with you.
d. Coaching you to prepare you for your court appearance, mediation, negotiation or arbitration.
e.  Negotiate on your behalf towards settlement.
f. Providing advice or coaching regarding necessary and important court procedure to help you succeed with your matter.

Again, limited scope retainers can be quoted on a fixed-fee basis for certain types of work, where possible and pragmatic, with a fixed fee quoted for each particular unbundled service that we provide to you. Work outside of the scope of the quoted project or solution will be billed at our hourly rate. Please note, not all legal work can be quoted on a fixed fee basis.

Call LETOURNEAU LLP (403-329-4311) for afree consultation to determine what solution will work for you.  If we cannot assist you, we will try our best to refer you to someone who can help you.

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